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Surtek is a third-generation boutique enhanced oil-recovery (EOR) engineering and lab service provider. Located in Centennial, Colorado (USA). Surtek has deep roots in EOR that link directly to the Marathon EOR group that pioneered the micellar solution techniques known today as Chemical EOR.

In 2024, Surtek is committed to preserving the almost lost technical skill set of Reservoir Engineering that is necessary for practical field implementation for EOR, CCUS, and ESG.

Since 1978, Surtek has helped national oil companies, major oil companies, and independents on a wide range of field applications that include conventional, unconventional, off-shore and on-shore. 

3rd Generation (2019-Present): Led by Elio Dean, supported by an 8-person advisory board that includes Dr. Hossein Kazemi, Bill O'Brien, and John Barber.


2nd Generation (2016-2019): Led by Dr. Malcom Pitts, supported by Harry Surkalo and Kon Wyatt. Achievements include continued chemical EOR expansion in Canada, and support of national oil companies chemical EOR efforts. 


1st Generation (1978-2016): Led by Harry Surkalo supported by George Pouska and Malcolm Pitts. Achievements include development of current ASP technology, kicking off Polymer and ASP application internationally (China, Canada, and other counties).

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