SURTEK was founded in 1978 by Harry Surkalo to provide independent engineering, laboratory and operational expertise for companies interested in Enhanced Oil Recovery. At that time Harry already had more than 25 years of experience in field applications of secondary and tertiary recovery processes. Focused on chemical enhanced oil recovery, SURTEK is the principal developer of the Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer (ASP) process.

Since 1978 SURTEK has been involved in more than 70 field chemical flood applications all over the world. Chemical EOR projects from Daqing, Marmul and many others throughout the world have had chemical formulation designs and technology transfers from SURTEK.

SURTEK is a privately held company that has been under the same ownership since inception.

Unparalleled Experience

SURTEK has implemented more chemical floods than any other company. Our experience makes us the global leader in chemical flooding. Below is a summary of our company’s highlights:

  • 2 SPE Improved Oil Recovery Pioneer Award Recipients
  • 350+ Clients in 20+ Countries
  • 70+ Field Chemical Flood Applications
  • 390+ Chemical Flood Evaluations
  • 230+ Chemical Flood Laboratory Designs
  • 50+ Numerical Simulation Studies
  • 110+ Reservoir Engineering Studies
  • 30+ Publications on Chemical Flooding

Surtek Awards

Our Management


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Harry Surkalo


In 1978, Harry founded SURTEK to provide independent engineering, laboratory and operational expertise for companies interested in CHEMICAL Enhanced Oil Recovery (CEOR). Prior to his tenure at SURTEK, he managed the implementation of enhanced oil recovery technologies for Marathon Oil Company in their production and research department for 25 years. These EOR technologies included in-situ combustion, micellar-polymer flooding (Maraflood™) and mobility control polymer flooding. He has been instrumental in the design and application of over 70 chemical flood field projects worldwide. He has authored or co-authored 28 publications related to EOR in addition to numerous confidential client reports. Under Harry’s lead, SURTEK has been recognized by the Oil and Gas Industry with awards from Hart’s for Best Advanced Recovery Project and Best Field Improvement Project. Harry has personally been awarded the Henry Mattson Technical Achievement Award and the IOR Pioneer Award for his contributions and dedication to the field by the Society of Petroleum Engineers. He attended management courses at Harvard University and Indiana University and holds a B.Sc. degree in 1953 from Pennsylvania State University in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering.




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Dr. Malcolm Pitts


Malcolm joined SURTEK in 1980. During his tenure, he has designed micellar-polymer, mobility control polymer, alkaline-polymer and alkaline-surfactant-polymer floods for multiple reservoirs with 45 of the designs being implemented in the field. He served on the Society of Petroleum Engineers International Board of Directors from 1995 to 1998 and was named a Distinguished Member in 2000. Prior to serving on the SPE International Board, he worked on the SPE Denver Petroleum Section Board in a variety of positions including Section Chairman from 1983 to 1995. Malcolm was given the Oil Chem Technologies Award for Outstanding Contribution to Chemical EOR in 2008 by the SPE IOR Symposium Awards Committee. In 2012, he was bestowed the honor of being named an IOR Pioneer by the Society of Petroleum Engineers for his significant contributions to the fields of Improved Oil Recovery and Enhanced Oil Recovery. Malcolm is a Certified Professional Chemist and a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemists. He is a technical editor for SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering and the Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering. Malcolm holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Colorado, Boulder, a M.Sc. in Chemistry from Purdue University, and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Georgetown University.




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Kon Wyatt

Vice President of Engineering

Kon has worked for SURTEK in various capacities since 1980 as Chemist, Laboratory Manager, Project Engineer, and as Vice-President of Engineering. His current pursuits are in translation of laboratory results to field performance using classical reservoir engineering techniques and numerical simulation. He also enjoys providing CEOR training to clients. He has been involved with laboratory design and field implementation of dozens of chemical flood projects throughout the world. Kon has a B.Sc. in Chemistry from Lewis and Clark College and a M.Sc. in Applied Mechanics from the Colorado School of Mines.



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Tandra Wright

Vice President of Finance

One of the first employees of SURTEK, Tandra has been with the company since 1978. She was instrumental in laying the foundation to the sound financial structure that helped SURTEK grow over the last 35 years. She holds a B.A. in Business Administration from Augustana College and has over 50 years experience in accounting, contracts and finance for oil and gas, and mining.



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Jie Qi

Laboratory Director
Project Manager

Jie has been working in the petroleum industry for 28 years. Since joining SURTEK in 1993, she has been continuously involved in 64 chemical enhanced oil recovery design projects for oil fields, including polymer flood, alkaline-polymer flood and alkaline-surfactant-polymer flood designs. Currently, she serves as Project Manager of EOR Design. Her involvement in the design process includes writing tailor-made proposals for clients, providing technical advice in the laboratory evaluation, supervising the operation of the project, making a technical recommendation to the client, and providing onsite training for quality control of chemical formulation injected in the field. Prior to her tenure at SURTEK, she worked in the Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development in China. She holds a B.Sc. in Applied Chemistry from Southwest Institute of Petroleum, China and a M.Sc. Degree in Chemistry from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.



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Elio Dean

Petroleum Engineer

Elio joined SURTEK at the beginning of 2011 and quickly became a valuable asset to the company. His experience in reservoir engineering and simulation not only provides SURTEK with the expertise to identify EOR potential, but also allows him to bring the classroom to our clients with our portable CEOR seminars. Elio’s focus is to assist clients with the engineering fundamentals of CEOR in order to screen candidate projects and translate laboratory evaluations to economically successful field implementation. Prior to his tenure at Surtek, Elio was a Senior Reservoir Engineer for the ExxonMobil Development Company working on new project development and start-up of off-shore waterflood projects in Angola and Russia. Elio speaks Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. Elio holds a B.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering and a M.Sc. in Mineral & Energy Economics from the Colorado School of Mines.



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Suzanne Seigh

Business Manager

Suzanne’s personal motto is “Learn something new every day, and help someone every day.”  Suzanne applies the same principles to Surtek and her leadership has resulted in significant contributions to the various departments. As Business Manager for Surtek, her responsibilities include A/R, A/P, General Ledger, Budgets & Forecasts, Payroll and Compensation Administration, Human Resources Administration, and Facilities Management. Her experience in various industries and job functions enables her to wear many hats and approach challenges with a “big picture” attitude. She holds a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Colorado, Denver.