Established in 1978, SURTEK is a Global Leader in Enhanced Oil Recovery Solutions


SURTEK is an oil and gas consulting firm and laboratory that was formed in 1978 to provide independent engineering, laboratory, numerical simulation, pilot and field implementation, facilities design, and operations consulting for oil companies involved in all aspects of enhanced oil recovery. Over the course of its 40 years, Surtek has developed a design process to evaluate chemical enhanced oil recovery (CEOR) for a range of reservoir types and conditions. Surtek can provide comprehensive support through all phases of the EOR process.

Surtek has developed and refined its capability in EOR over the course of performing over 400 laboratory designs for over 350 clients across the globe and within all types of reservoirs.

Surtek employee’s speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, French, Russian, Turkish, and Azerbaijani.

SURTEK has implemented more chemical floods than any other company. Our experience makes us the global leader in chemical flooding. Below is a summary of our company’s highlights:

·       2 SPE Improved Oil Recovery Pioneer Award Recipients

·       350+ Clients in 20+ Countries

·       70+ Field Chemical Flood Applications

·       390+ Chemical Flood Evaluations

·       230+ Chemical Flood Laboratory Designs

·       50+ Numerical Simulation Studies

·       110+ Reservoir Engineering Studies

·       30+ Publications on Chemical Flooding