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Fluid-Fluid Evaluations

Identify chemical formulation(s) with potential to improve oil recovery by evaluating interfacial tension (IFT), phase behavior, polymer rheology and screen factor, and static consumption.


Mechanistic Corefloods

Mechanistic corefloods are used to determine relative permeability characteristics, chemical-rock compatibilities, inaccessible pore volume, injection capabilities of selected solution into the reservoir core, and the rheological characteristics of the selected solution as it flows though the polymer satiated rock. They are also useful to estimate the concentration of polymer, surfactant, alkaline, surfactant-polymer, or alkaline-surfactant-polymer solution that is required to produce a unit mobility ratio for a polymer solution flowing through a polymer satiated rock. Lastly, a mechanistic coreflood is used to define the oil saturation changes after injection of water and chemical solutions.


Oil Recovery Corefloods

Oil recovery corefloods are performed to evaluate the recommended chemical formulations to determine which will produce the most incremental recovery at the most economical rates when field volumes of chemical are injected.


Minimum Miscibility Pressure (MMP)

Hydrocarbon Gas or CO2-oil minimum miscibility pressure (MMP) is a key parameter in gas/CO2 enhanced oil recovery (gas/CO2-EOR) process. Surtek can utilize its slim tube set up to determine the MMP for your gas EOR process using dead or live crude oil.

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Field EOR Screening

Evaluate whether your oil reservoir is a candidate for any form of EOR. Understand which technologies should be the focus of your laboratory studies.


EOR Facility Design

Tap into Surtek’s extensive experience in EOR pilot/field implementations for an optimized facility design.

Analysing data

Reservoir Modelling and Field Development Planning

Upscaling of EOR laboratory fluid/core analysis data for use with full field modelling/simulation. Our in house team also has the skills, tools and experience to undertake a range of dynamic modelling studies. Depending on the project objectives, we can oversee the construction of complex geocellular models and prepare these for simulation, or, if required, run and QC existing 3rd party models. In all cases we endeavor to identify key reservoir performance drivers, allowing the client to take appropriate development decisions. Our wide reservoir engineering experience allows recoverable volumes to be estimated in a robust and transparent way.

Data Processing

EOR Analytics

Applying modern data analytics to 40+ years of laboratory experiments, field implementations, and the most comprehensive global EOR database to date provides unprecedented insights.

Worldwide EOR Database

Surtek's EOR database contains over 2,500 projects implemented on either a pilot or field scale around the world. Reservoir parameters for each project allow for screening of new fields based on historic global activity.

Surtek Project Database

Laboratory experiments have been performed for fields located all around the world since Surtek’s inception in 1978. Data obtained from these experiments has been aggregated into a relational database providing the opportunity for valuable insight for chemical manufacturers as well as field operators interested in EOR.


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