Surtek specializes in the design and field applications of chemical flood systems.  While anyone can say they are a leader in EOR technology, we have the field experience to back it up.  We provide chemical flood technology with a primary focus on applying the process in the field at maximum profitability.  The implementation of a chemical flood in an average field is an arduous process.  Surtek has the expertise and experience to help you with any one of the following phases, or manage your entire project from start to finish.

Phase 1 – Oil Field Reservoir Applicability

With a cursory geologic and reservoir engineering analysis, we will determine if sufficient target oil exists to justify pursuing a chemical flood.

Phase 2 – SURTEK ASP® Design

A rigorous laboratory analysis using your reservoir rock and fluids will design the most profitable system.  This includes evaluating polymer, surfactant-polymer, alkaline-polymer and alkaline-surfactant-polymer systems.

Phase 3 – Economics and Field Operations Optimization

Using either laboratory design data generated on your field or data from Surtek’s data bank, we will numerically simulate your field’s performance and provide possible scenarios to forecast production and economics.

Phase 4 – Facility Design

Based on the laboratory evaluation and simulation forecasts, Surtek will design a chemical injection plant that provides correct injected solution properties.  We can assist in modifying existing facilities if they exist as well.

Phase 5 – Implementation

By developing a quality control plan and training your field personnel, we will give you the tools you need for a successful flood.

Phase 6 – Ongoing Monitoring

Analysis of production and injection data along with produced fluid composition data will help us suggest operational changes that could improve performance during the project.  We can also make an assessment of the project at its conclusion.