Successful EOR implementation begins with understanding the geology. Surtek focuses our screenings not only on reservoir geology but on operational logistics, reservoir characteristics, and historical performance. We recognize that technical and economic success are critical for any EOR application. Surtek engineers review all available reservoir data through the experience and expertise gained from over 40 years’ worth of designs and data to determine if the reservoir has EOR potential and what estimated incremental oil recovery might be expected. Different reservoirs will be candidates for different EOR technologies.   

Using the data provided by the laboratory analysis, calibrated numerical simulation of EOR technologies will be performed. Through this simulation, incremental oil for each technology can be forecast. As each EOR technology is associated with specific capital and operational expenses, Surtek develops economic estimates from incremental oil production forecasts to assist clients in selecting the EOR technology that best fits their needs. Our recommendations, forecasts, and economic estimates are always done in the best interest of our clients as we will never ask for or receive a commission/royalty on any chemical formulation designed by Surtek.

Surtek can make recommendations on a pilot area based on the geologic and reservoir evaluation, the laboratory data, the numerical simulation results, and the client’s economic objectives. Selection of the pilot will include defining goals and developing plans to facilitate the decision to implement EOR on a wider basis. 

EOR facilities range in complexity from simple gas injection to complex chemical mixing and injection facilities. Surtek’s engineers can provide the initial design, detailed process flow diagrams, sizing of equipment and piping, facility layout, and detailed equipment list with procurement specifications